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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a PAL?

A: “PAL” – or Possession Acquisition License – is a federal certification that is achieved by passing the Canadian Firearm Safety Course. The license allows an individual to possess and purchase new or used non-restricted firearms and ammunition.

Q: What is an RPAL and how is it different from a PAL?

A: An RPAL is another type of firearms license that includes the restricted classification of firearms. This licensed is achieved by passing the Restricted Canadian Firearms Safety Course and allows for the ability to posses and purchase restricted firearms such as handguns, AR15s, etc. This is a separate course from the PAL.

Q: How long are the PAL and RPAL courses?

A: The duration of the PAL course is approximately 8 hours of classroom time followed by a multiple choice test and practical exam. The RPAL is 6 hours if taken independently, or 4 hours if taken within seven days of the PAL course. 

Q: How old do I have to be to take the Canadian Firearms Safety Course?

A: To obtain a full PAL that allows you to possess and purchase/sell firearms you must be over 18 years of age. If you are between the ages of 12-17 you can take the Canadian Firearms Safety Course in order to obtain a Minors’ License. The Minors’ License allows individuals to borrow/use non-restricted firearms from a PAL license holder.

Q: How is PAL different from a Hunting License?

A: The PAL is a federally-regulated license that is achieved by passing the Canadian Firearms Safety Course. It is primarily focused around safe handling, storage, and use of firearms. A Hunters Safety certification is a provincially-regulated license organized in Manitoba by the Manitoba Wildlife Federation. The MWF curriculum has elements of firearm safety, but primarily focuses on hunting-specific regulations and ethics. This type of license only allows you to purchase game licenses. It does not allow an individual to possess and acquire firearms.

Q: Is the material covered in the course available in advance?

A: Hard copies are available online. The entire Canadian Firearms Safety Course guide is also available online for free as a PDF or as an eBook from the RCMP site.

Q: Are electronic devices such as translators or electronic dictionaries permitted in the course?

A: During the classroom portion of the course, electronic devices such as translators may be used to aid in understanding the content. Cell phones are to be turned off or set to silent during the duration of the course. For the exam portion of the Canadian Firearms Safety Course, absolutely no electronic devices of any kind will be permitted.

Q: Where will the classes be held?

A: Some courses are held at Manitoba Wildlife Federation office at 999 King Edward St #4, Winnipeg, Manitoba and various locations we can book. If your community or club is interested in having me hold a class in your area please feel free to contact me for details. I specialize in coming to rural areas

Q: How much does the Canadian Firearms Safety Course cost? 

A: PAL = $125.00

RPAL = $125.00

Q: How can I sign up for the CFSC/CRFSC class or have you teach a course in my community or shooting club?

A: You can reach us for course details by filling out my contact me and checking out my current schedule.


431-777-FIRE (3473)

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